Ezyfold Bi-Fold Door Hardware  

Ezyfold door control arms for your cabinets and bi-fold doors

Ezyfold Animation (182K)CONCEIVED AND DESIGNED in New Zealand in the early 1980s, ezyfold is now a standard and highly successful feature in the cabinet and furniture industries there. Ezyfold is now successfully marketed in Australia and North America as well.

Creative ezyfold applications are now being used by large kitchen cabinet manufacturers as well as smaller custom cabinet shops. Ezyfold has also won acclaim from leading Universal Design or Barrier Free Design specialists for its unique applications for accessible environments.

Originally created to solve the difficulty of accessing kitchen corner cabinets, multiple applications followed, offering manufacturers and suppliers both new product line and marketing opportunities, and offering customers the benefit of more useful and accessible living, working, and recreation spaces.

A singular alternative to the traditional, but troublesome, track system the concept is amazingly simple in application. Ezyfold is easy to install, maintenance free, and delivers smooth, dependable and barrier-free operation time after time.

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"Whether for improved access or simply for convenience, this hinge is a "no-brainer." It is affordable, well-made, easy to install, and it solves problems. Why would you not use it?"

Mary Jo Peterson, CKD, CBD
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