Ezyfold Bi-Fold Door Hardware
A Truly Unique Bi-Fold Door Control System
for Cabinets and Closets

Ezyfold Bi-Fold Door HardwareThe Corner Cabinet Solution

Good access to valuable space has always been a challenge to cabinet makers. The ezyfold solution eliminates the clumsy piano hinge door system that tends to bump into adjoining cabinets and appliances.

Using two sets of bi-fold doors with the ezyfold door control unit, valuable corner space can be accessed easily. The doors glide smoothly to a full 180º, tucking them neatly back against the cabinets.

In addition, the doors can be lapped over at the corner in the closed position. When opening doors, either singularly or simultaneously, they will not bump or jamb. And if space is tight on one side, bi-folds with ezyfold can be used on one side with a single door on the narrower side.

The perfect solution for both upper and lower corner cabinets.

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Ezyfold Bi-Fold Door Hardware
Pantry Cabinet

Ezyfold is ideal for pantries or where ever an extra wide opening is required. Ezyfold applications eliminate large door swing arcs, thus opening up tight galleys and passageways.

Bi-folds with ezyfold reduce the risk of twisting and distortion in larger doors such as those used on pantries.

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Ezyfold Bi-Fold Door Hardware Entertainment Centers

Stop using expensive troublesome pocket doors on Entertainment Centers. The ezyfold solution offer tremendous advantages:

  • Low cost
  • No additional space or materials needed
  • Doors unscathed
  • 100% reliable - No mechanical failures
  • Easy to install
Ezyfold Bi-Fold Door Hardware
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