Ezyfold Bi-Fold Door Hardware
A Truly Unique Bi-Fold Door Control System
for Cabinets and Closets

Ezyfold Bi-Fold Door Hardware A singular alternative to the traditional but troublesome track system. Ezyfold can be used on custom or stock bi-fold doors. When using stock bi-folds, the doors are hung with butt hinges (see drawing). Not only does ezyfold eliminate the track system but it fully folds doors back against walls out of harms way and maximizes the clear opening space in the closet. These benefits are most welcomed by consumers and maintenance personnel alike.
Ezyfold with stock bi-fold doors using butt hinges

Pre-made custom "Box Closets" using ezyfold allow for even greater flexibility and efficiency.

Given the expense of framing, hanging dry wall, taping, painting and finishing a standard closets, this approach can be very cost-effective.

See a design for a box closet.

See a sample design for a "Box Closet."

Ezyfold Bi-Fold Door Hardware
Custom built box closet using European hinges
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