Ezyfold Bi-Fold Door Hardware

Ezyfold Bi-Fold Door Hardware

Here you'll find examples of how ezyfold can be used every day to meet your design needs. Design solutions with Ezyfold range from custom installations to mass produced cabinet solutions. We'd like to hear from you ways that Ezyfold has made your life better or easier. Drop us an E-mail and we'll post your story here.

Ezyfold Bi-Fold Door Hardware

Ezyfold Bi-Fold Door HardwareUnique Ezyfold Hinge Makes Our Wall
Easy Reach Cabinet
a Stand-Out

When two doors are needed to cover each side of a cabinet's opening, as with 36" wide wall easy reach cabinets, they are attached to one another with piano hinges that usually leave them literally "flapping in the breeze." This can be a threat to the adjacent cabinet's finish and is likely to cause anyone standing under the free-swinging doors to get hit in the head.

KraftMaid uses an ezyfold hinge to control the "flapping." The Ezyfold hinge is actually an arm that attaches the door to the cabinet's ceiling, yet allows the doors to fold back an additional 90 degrees to lay flat against the adjacent cabinet.

The KraftMaid Insider (Used by Permission)

Ezyfold Bi-Fold Door Hardware

Ezyfold Bi-Fold Door Hardware
Kitchen Designed by Mary Jo Peterson for the GE Real Life Design display kitchen.
Featured in the Real Life
Design Kitchen and Book by GE

When GE set out to create a design guide for Universal Access designs the Ezyfold control unit was just what they were looking for. "Under the cooktop, the cabinet doors fold back out of the way, providing valuable knee space, without protruding into the room."

Real Life Design, by GE (Used by Permission)

Here's what award designer, Mary Jo Peterson, has to say about ezyfold.

Universal kitchen and bath design requires a search for unique solutions, as it often involves non-traditional application of traditional products and concepts. The ezyfold hinge is the answer that I often turn to in my search. Of high quality and simple to install, this hinge makes the impossible possible and I use it every time I get the chance.

When creating an open knee space that can alternately be used for storage, doors on a base cabinet become a barrier. A common answer is to use retractable doors, but this solution poses two main problems. First, the system requires dexterity beyond the abilities of many people who would benefit from the open knee space and the result can be damaged and abused doors and hardware. Second, when the doors are open and retracted into the cabinet, they occupy around six inches of valuable clear space. In contrast, the ezyfold hinge allows each door to be folded in half and then folded flat against cabinetry on either side of the knee space, providing ease of operation, better maintenance and full availability of the open space within the cabinet. Not only do they cut down on the space the open door swings into, they also provide the greatest clear maneuvering space and they reduce exposure to abuse by a person rolling into the space.

I have used the ezyfold hinge in universally designed kitchens under sinks or cooktops to provide the option of sitting to work or using the space for storage. It is part of the Real Life Design Kitchen displayed by GE Appliances, and now in permanent use at Virginia Tech, and in the GE New Home Essentials Kitchen, now permanently installed at Andrus Gerentological Center at UCLA, as well as in numerous residential and display projects that I've designed. Its use in these projects can also be seen in Universal Kitchen and Bathroom Planning (McGraw-Hill).

Whether for improved access or simply for convenience, this hinge is a "no-brainer." It is affordable, well-made, easy to install, and it solves problems. Why would you not use it?

Mary Jo Peterson, CKD, CBD President
Mary Jo Peterson, Inc.
3 Sunset Cove
Brookfield, CT 06804
(203) 775-4763

A certified kitchen and bath designer, Mary Jo Peterson specializes in award-wining universal design, working with individual clients, builders, architects and production developers. A member of the National Kitchen and Bath Association's team of Practicing Professional Instructors, she travel's the U.S. and Canada making presentations on kitchen, bath and accessible design issues to various segments of the building and design industry. Mary Jo, with several arms of the state and federal government, advocacy groups, professional organization and cross-agency committees where she actively promotes education and acceptance of universal design as an integral part of our homes and the products we put into them.

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