Ezyfold Bi-Fold Door Hardware
A Truly Unique Bi-Fold Door Control System
for Cabinets and Closets

Ezyfold Bi-Fold Door Hardware
Ezyfold Door Control Units are available in three sizes to fit a variety of applications. In this section of our site you will find a complete component diagram, technical information for helping you choose the correct size unit, and a table of suggested applications.

For complete info on applicable installations download the Ezyfold Installation Bulletin

(You will need the free Acrobat Reader from Adobe to view or print the Installation Bulletin.)

Ezyfold Bi-Fold Door Hardware
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How to Choose the Correct Control Arm Length

In General:

  • 230mm for shallow units (upper cabinets, etc.)
  • 330mm for deeper units (base cabinets, etc.)
  • 530 for larger opening (pantries and closets, etc.)

The largest possible control arm (dictated by cabinet depth) will result in a smoother action.

The cranked connections (F above) can be adjusted in and out to provide length flexibility.

Shelf or under counter mountings provide the most flexibility (as against rear mounts).

If control arms are to be rear mounted (i.e. on the back of the cabinet or wall) the maximum set back for the pivot is:

  • 230mm – 38 cm (15 in.)
  • 330mm – 48 cm (19 in.)
  • 530mm – 65 cm (25.5 in.)

Minimum and maximum door openings (calculated using European hinges) are as follows:

  • 230mm – min. 38 cm (15 in.), max. 61 cm (24 in.)
  • 330mm – min. 48 cm (19 in.), max. 81 cm (32 in.)
  • 530mm – min. 65 cm (25.5 in.), max 122 cm (48 in.)

Because there are so many variations, according to cabinet depth and door opening, etc., experience in the work place will determine the most suitable control arm length. It is best always to bear in mind that the 230mm is for upper cabinets, etc., the 330mm for base cabinets, etc., and the 530mm for pantries and closets.

Refer to the Suggested Applications Table to review the examples of unit proportions and door arrangements

Hinge Compatibility

Any hinge design to carry the weight of a bi-fold door will work. Ezyfold does not carry any weight; it only guides the door.

Hinge selection will define opening degrees up to 180 degrees.

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Suggested Applications

Ezyfold Bi-Fold Door Hardware
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Examples of Unit Proportions and Door Arrangement

100cm x 60cm
(39" x 24")
Pantry or Closet
One Door / 2 Leaves
Maximum recommended width for 2 leaf door
530 mm
Ezyfold Bi-Fold Door Hardware
100cm x 50cm)
(39" x 20")
Shallow Pantry Vanity or Furniture
Two Doors / 4 Leaves
330 mm
Ezyfold Bi-Fold Door Hardware
60cm x 75cm)
24" x 30"
Pantry or Closet
One Door / 2 Leaves
530 mm or 330 mm
Ezyfold Bi-Fold Door Hardware
60cm x 60cm)
24" x 24"
Base Cabinet
Two Doors / 4 Leaves
Minimum recommended width for 2 Doors
230 mm
Ezyfold Bi-Fold Door Hardware
60cm x 30cm)
24" x 12"
Upper Wall Cabinet
One Door / 2 Leaves
230 mm
Ezyfold Bi-Fold Door Hardware
40" x 24"
Corner Base Cabinet
Two Doors / 2 leaves
Door may be lapped over at corner when closed
330 mm
Ezyfold Bi-Fold Door Hardware
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